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Step one

Visit teh following Internet portal to apply for entry to Mexico and pay the required fees: Follow the instructions and sabe the electronic receipt. You will need it when you e-mail the passenger list to INM in the next step. Also print out a copy to keep whit you on the boat.

    The following information must be provided:

  • Passport number of the person responsible for teh vessel
  • Vessel Documentation (State or Federal Documentation).
  • A $390 Mexican pesos fee per each visitinf foreigner as required by teh Federal Fee Act ( Ley Federal de Derechos), Article 8, Section I. The fee must be paid using a credit card. The cardholder should be the same person responsible for the boat.
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Step two

Download and complete the spreadsheet with the information of the vessel and passengers from

    Here you will find the following:

  • A Sample From (spreadsheet) for submision of a list of maritime passengers and crew members - delete the sample information and insert your passenger list. Save it to your computer following the instrucctions on the web page including how to name the file correctly.
  • A guide for filing the from for the submission of a list or maritime passengers and crew members.
  • An e-mail Directory/List of INM Ports addresses for submission of list of maritime passengers and crew members.
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Step three

E-mail the completed spreadsheet to INM and copy of you receipt (See STEP TWO above, 3rd bullet on how to find the correct e-mail address).
As an example if you leaving from Southern California you should send the e-mail to the Ensenada INM Office at:
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Step four

One the visitors information outlined obove is sent to INM, INM will e-mail you back the entry authorization (or denial) to the individuals intending to enter Mexico´s territorial waters onboard the given vessel. The document must be kept aboard the vessel at all times along with the receipt of payment.
  • The authorizing e-mail will also contain INM´s permit to enter as a Visitor Without Permission to Perform Activities for Profit (i.e. work the receipt of payment.
  • The length of the star will be the amount of time requested by the applicant, but shall not exceed 180 days, and cannot be used for multiple entries and departures.
  • A copy of your information will be sent to the Secretry of the Navy (SEMAR) and to the Secretary of Comunications and Transportation (SCT.)